Constantly Delivering Superior Products & Services
Constantly Delivering Superior Products & Services

Welcome to Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc.

Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a full-service cooling tower contractor providing services to the industrial and power generation markets. Since the company’s inception, we have been providing quality and professional services ranging from engineering/new construction, thermal upgrades, general repairs, maintenance programs, and inspection services.

In addition to construction related services, our company has been a leader in the development of new and improved technology offering superior cooling tower products. The “Vari-Flow" SS Series line of cooling tower products includes the patented “Vari-Flow" distribution valve for crossflow cooling tower applications, and the traveling sump screen designed for all cooling tower applications.

We invite you to view the “Vari-Flow" SS Series products to see why they are the finest products available on the market. The "Vari-Flow" SS Series products are designed, manufactured, and marketed exclusively by Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc.

Maintenance program development and implementation to prioritize repairs based on thorough annual inspection programs.
Reconstruction services based on a combination of solid engineering practices and quality workmanship utilizing components to address your specific needs.
Thermal upgrades designed with a full understanding of your process variables and how they will effect the upgrades’ durability and predictability.
Engineering/new construction services to design and construct a new tower to meet or exceed your thermal requirements.